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FELFLA: small, independent hotel

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Located in a unique ecosystem in the heart of the argan tree Tamanar area, this small hotel operates autonomously (water, energy, waste, vegetable garden). An original white  cube which offers a flexible architecture and is inspired by the Land Art and Berber habitat. It demonstrates that autonomy is possible everywhere, even in desert climates where water is scarce.

This region that did not follow the stages of development as defined by the World Bank, where people live in relative autonomy. So, a "global and local" project was decided upon which is based around a standard country house that allows a real improvement in the quality of life by maintaining these factors of autonomy, the various facets of local culture and the existing social structure.

This small hotel is in the argan forest which is an isolated area and has a very arid ecosystem (200mm rainfall). The hotel includes 5 bedrooms, a communal space, a kitchen, 2 dry toilets, 2 shower areas, a patio and a pool and operates autonomously (water, energy, waste, vegetable garden). An adjoining kitchen garden provides vegetables. The water table is located at 300m depth,therefore, the entire water supply comes from the recovery of rain water in two tanks dug in the ground. The treated gray water is fully recycled as irrigation water for the garden using an automated drip system. Compost (product of dry toilets and all organic kitchen waste) is the only fertilizer for the garden.

Methods for autonomy:

-walls have a very high thermal inertia (earth and stone)

-cork roof insulation

-recovery rainwater in 2 tanks (90 m3) to power the entire building. The drinking water undergoes filtration and UV treatment and then Ultra microfiltration.

-phytoépuration (reeds, rushes) for the treatment of gray water. Water reuse treated for automatic irrigation (drip) from the garden. automatic

-dry toilets (production of compost)

-power consumption (5200w / h / d)

-thermal solar water 200L

-induction cooktop (low consumption)

-washing machine is powered by solar hot water (2/3 reduction in power consumption)

-fridge has a high energy performance (300 w / h / d)

-Lighting, LED (...)

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