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Kilkenny City Lighting Project

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The street lighting infrastructure in Kilkenny County was established during the past 60-70 years. The area selected for this project was a representative sample of the 9,800 lamps throughout the county. Street lighting represents approximately 55% of the municipality’s electricity consumption. The light quality was variable and unsatisfactory. The cost of the upgrades was traditionally the barrier to change.

The main objective of the project was to improve the lighting standard and energy efficiency of the street lighting system with aesthetic considerations on historic and tourist attractions. The city partner was interested in using an EPRP (Energy Performance Related Payment) model. Kilkenny County Council was one of the first to implement this form of EPC (Energy Performance Contract) in Ireland. The city successfully completed varying technology advances in the streetlamps with approved historical and modern lights using LEDs. This has resulted in a successful upgrade to LEDs in 5 locations in the city. In 2016-2017 it has been proposed to complete the next 1,500 luminaries in the county and, therefore, well on its route to completing the 9,800 lamps using efficient LED technology and implementing EPCs from local electrical companies (five of whom have engaged in the development of phase II 2016/2017) within the upcoming 5-7 years.


This case study was developed in the context of the Eu-Project Streetlight-EPC which is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

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Funding description

Investment costs: 50,000 ‎€ (total investment) / 5,000 ‎€ (financed by the EPC project) Subsidies: 50% SEAI (regional contracting programme) EPC contract duration: 1 year. Through the EPRP the city retained 10% of the project payment for one year until it was shown that the agreed energy savings were achieved. Maintenance costs are not included in the EPC contract.

Economic effect

Electricuty cost savings: 1,710 euro/year Reduction electriciy consumption: 15,611 kWh/year