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Natural cosmetics laboratory, shop and office

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The client needs were to construct a building to house a Laboratory of natural cosmetics that also served as a shop, warehouse and office. In addition, due to the intrinsic characteristics of its activity (natural cosmetics), and its special sensitivity to the environment, the clients wanted the building to consume the least amount of energy possible, and to use, within the available budget, materials that were as sustainable as possible.



The objectives set by the client to the building in question are:
• The building must be certified as "passive building"; for non-residential use, according to the protocol PHI Darmstadt (DE) environmental objectives.
• Minimization of energy consumption for energy savings.
• Use of construction materials and systems with low environmental impact.
• Use of renewable energy with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions.
• Good indoor air quality.
• Use of materials without emission of harmful substances.

The shop in the building must have:
• Direct access to the south façade (main entrance).
• The largest possible surface for storage, with access from the main facade.
• Manufacturing area that meets the requirements set by the code of good practices GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE OF COSMETICS (bpfc). (UNE-EN ISO 22716) CE No. 1223/2009, with separation of product reception areas, cleaning, manufacturing and packaging.
• Office administration.


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