Active House- Specification (1st edition)

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Active House specification

Active House specification

This report outlines the specification for designing an Active House, described as a building that combines energy efficiency with specific attention to the indoor climate and focusing on user’s health and well-being. The scope of this specification is residential buildings. The specification outlines the vision behind Active House, sets down key principles which have influenced the evolution of the Active House concept, and outlines the technical specification for an Active House.


The Active House specification is intended to be a guideline for construction and design industries at an international level. It seeks innovative approaches at technical levels whilst introducing goals of architectural quality and environmental design responsiveness and still securing energy efficiency.


These specifications have been developed using an open-source model. The development has involved online debates and contributions as well as offline meetings and workshops with broad participation across the building industry globally.


This is the first edition of the Active House Specifications which was launched at the Active House Symposium in Brussels on 14 April 2011. A second edition followed on March 2013 which is substantially imrpoved in terms of usability; the criteria/specifications are more concise and relevant and the "Environment" chapter includes significant changes in terms of content.