Energy-efficient refurbishment of public buildings in Serbia

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In order to contribute to global initiatives for reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency increase, Serbia has adopted a set of related national regulations and invested in several large energy-efficient refurbishment projects targeting the sector of public buildings. Efficient energy use means simply using less energy to provide the same level of service. However, having in mind that inefficient or inappropriate energy use in public buildings was often found to be coupled with compromised indoor comfort conditions, national energy efficiency projects have been particularly designed to target facilities providing services to the most vulnerable population, such as schools, health care and social care institutions. Implementation of high technical norms related to building elements and equipment to be installed when conducting energy efficient refurbishments, has proven to be highly beneficial with respect to both energy savings and improved comfort conditions. Reduced emissions and use of renewable energy sources are also deemed to be of high importance. In addition, project-specific financial indicators have shown that energy savings resulted in acceptable payback periods for the investments made.


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