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Energy Flexibility as a key asset in a smart building future - Position paper Annex 67

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Position paper Annex 67

Annex 67 “Energy Flexible Buildings”, is a collaborative project supported by the Energy in Buildings and Communities program of the International Energy Agency. It aims to find a common definition, assessment methodology and to evaluate the flexibility potential of different building typologies and case studies in order to provide a common framework for the future implementation of energy flexibility in buildings.


The activities within Annex 67 are in the finalisation phase, and by September 2019 all the reports with the main findings and outcomes will be released. One key document for the Annex is the Position Paper “Energy Flexibility as a key asset in a smart building future - Contribution of Annex 67 to the European Smart Building Initiatives”.


It includes an overview about the energy flexibility in buildings, including the definition and the general terminology, an insight of the defined methodology for assessing the flexibility potential in buildings and the key aspects of results from work in IEA EBC Annex 67 addressing European discussions at the moment.


If you want to read more about energy flexibility in buildings, you can download the position paper at the following link: