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EU Reference Scenario 2016

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The European Commission's "EU Reference Scenario 2016 - Energy, transport and GHG emissions - Trends to 2050" is a projection of where the current set of energy, transport and emission related policies and developments coupled with market trends are likely to lead up to 2050. 


The Reference Scenario includes all EU 28 Member States individually and allows policy makers to analyse the long-term economic, energy, climate and transport outlook based on the current policy framework. It provides a benchmark against which new policy proposals and market trends can be assessed.  As such, it can help to inform future policy debate and policy making.


Among the policies included in the Reference Scenario are energy efficiency policies like the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Energy Labelling Directive and delegated Regulations, the Ecodesign Framework Directive and others. 



The EU Reference Scenario 2016 main outputs are:

The Reference Scenario 2016 – full report 
Summary of main results 
Excel sheets with EU and EU country results 
Interactive Graphs of EU Reference Scenario
Introductory video clip to Interactive Graphs