EU Regulation setting a framework for energy labelling

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REGULATION (EU) 2017/1369 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 July 2017 setting a framework for energy labelling and repealing Directive 2010/30/EU



This Regulation lays down a framework that applies to energy-related products placed on the market or put into service. It provides for the labelling of those products and the provision of standard product information regarding energy efficiency, the consumption of energy and of other resources by products during use and supplementary information concerning products, thereby enabling customers to choose more efficient products in order to reduce their energy consumption.


The new regulatory framework allows customers to be more aware of the energy efficiency and energy consumption of household appliances, which will help them reduce their energy costs.


The Regulation establishes deadlines to replace the current A+, A++, A+++ classes with an A to G scale. It also sets out a procedure for rescaling the labels based on technological development. Thus, the excessive use of higher efficiency classes is avoided in the long term, providing also incentives for innovation and pushing less efficient products out of the market. In addition, a product registration database will allow the public to consult product labels and information sheets, making it easier to compare the energy efficiency of household appliances.


The Regulation also requires manufacturers to inform consumers if software or firmware updates could reduce a product's energy efficiency. It bans the use of 'defeat devices', which alter a product's performance under test conditions.



To download the publication, please visit the relevant European Commission webpage at the link below.