Exemplary retrofit: A 40 year plus dwelling becomes an energy surplus building with e-mobility

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Photo of the Effizienzhaus Plus (copyright Prof. Tichelmann)

Photo of the Effizienzhaus Plus (copyright Prof. Tichelmann)

Alexandra Busch describes a visionary prototype in her article in the German engineer journal (Deutsches Ingenieurblatt). In a research project of the Technical University of Darmstadt, a typical single-family house of the 1970s has been transferred into an emission free and energy self-sustaining building. The house generates more energy than it uses over an annual balance. The energy surplus house features a high level of comfort, a light and generous interior and a change in the outlook. The generated excess electricity is used for an electric car. The demonstration project shows that the necessary renovation of the residential building stock towards efficient, climate neutral buildings is possible.

The complete article (in German) can be found at:

Photo of the Effizienzhaus Plus (copyright Prof. Tichelmann).