Implementing deep energy step-by-step retrofits

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Frankenberg © Michael Tribus Architecture

EuroPHit: Increasing the European potential


This EU funded brochure by the EuroPHit project draws on the lessons of demonstration projects implementing deep energy retrofits in a step-by step manner across 11 EU Member States. These have been developed to the EnerPHit Standard – the Passive House retrofit Standard.


Passive buildings offer a measurable and positive life cycle rate of return in terms of energy efficiency and health benefits. They are ideally suited to Europe’s latitudes. They are a bridge to a more energy secure and less energy dependent future for the EU and its citizens. They represent an investment in self-reliance, privileging European human capital and know how over expensive and potentially vulnerable imported energy.


The challenge in step-by-step retrofits is to reach an optimal energy efficiency standard for the whole building after completion of all individual retrofit steps. A well-thought-out master plan is not only indispensable for a good final result, it also helps keep the overall costs low.


According to thIs EuroPHit guide, a cost-optimal retrofit using the Passive House principles to the EnerPHit Standard is a proven solution to the EU’s issue of an inefficient building stock. Experience throughout the EuroPHit project and by working with manufacturers and industry has already brought along important new products and models for deep energy retrofitting. Building envelope products, for example, are already an aspect of building components which have been well developed and proven in practice. The industry has started to respond to the need for such products and it is now known how to do this correctly in practice.



To download the brochure, please visit the relevant EuroPHit webpage.