Micro-CHP Accelerator

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By producing both useful heat and electricity locally, combined heat and power (CHP) systems can potentially achieve lower overall carbon emissions than conventional heating systems and grid electricity.

The Carbon Trust’s Micro-CHP Accelerator carried out a wide range of activities to better understand the potential benefits of different micro-CHP technologies and the barriers to their adoption.

The project involved a major field trial of micro-CHP units in both domestic and small commercial applications, and a corresponding trial of A-rated condensing boilers to provide a baseline for comparison.

This report provides a concise synthesis and analysis of the results of the field trial, including annual performance data for the first time. It follows two previous updates and in particular should be read in conjunction with the Interim Report published in 20071 , which contains more detail on the featured technologies, the field trial methodology and discussion of the practical challenges to widespread adoption of micro-CHP in domestic and small commercial applications.