Minergie-P standard

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Comparison of Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-A requirements

Comparison of Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-A requirements

A summary of the Minergie-P standard, the requirements and additional requirements, the documents of proof and the certificate for a Minergie-P building are presented on this website.

Minergie is a voluntary building standard used in Switzerland which allows for a rational energy use and the use of renewable energy while at the same time also allows for improved living quality and low environmental pollution. Minergie P is a standard for buildings with an even lower energy consumption than Minergie.

The characteristic energy value and the primary energy requirement for Minergie-P buildings depending on the building category are presented in a table. For new dwellings the maximum characteristic value for heating energy is 30 kWh/m²a and the maximum primary energy demand is 60 % of the maximum value in the Swiss regulation.

The requirements for Minergie-P include:

  • primary energy requirement for the building envelope
  • specific thermal load
  • mechanical ventilation
  • weighted characteristic energy value
  • proof of the thermal comfort in summer
  • requirements depending on the building category for lighting, cooling and heat generation
  • airtightness of the building envelope
  • limit for the excess costs compared to similar conventional buildings

A link to the Minergie P requirements (SIA standard 380/1:2009) and an overview on the different Minergie versions (Minergie, Minergie-P, Minergie-A) is given as well.