Minergie-A standard

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Comparison of Minergie standards

Comparison of Minergie standards

Information on the voluntary Swiss approach for nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB). The Minergie association has developed a standard that exceeds the NZEB definition by requiring that the total remaining energy demand of a building has to be covered by renewable energy. The website presents the definition, a standardised calculation method and all requirements that have to be fulfilled to receive the Minergie-A certificate. The Minergie-A standard can only be fulfilled if on-site solar energy is part of the energy concept.

  • The maximum characteristic energy value for heating is 0 kWh/m²a.
  • Other requirements are similar to those of the Minergie and the Minergie-P standard.
  • For household and lighting equipment best performers have to be used.
  • There is also a requirement concerning embodied energy.
  • No maximum costs