MUKEN 2008 - Model regulations of the Swiss cantons in the energy sector

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In the year 2008 the conference of the energy directors of the cantons (EnDK) has adopted the 'model regulations of the cantons in the energy sector' (MuKEn) as another big step towards the reduction of the energy consumption in the building sector. EnDK advises all cantons to implement the model regulations completely and without changes into the decrees of the cantons, which was done to almost 100 % (see also document 'realisation of the MuKEn'). A new building following the MuKEn 2008 will use only about 4.8 liters of heating oil equivalent per square meter and year for heating, an energy efficient retrofitted building following MuKEn 2008 will only need about 9 liters of heating oil per square meter and year. The consumption limits have been decreased by 75 % since 1975.