Overview of Member States information on NZEBs: working version of the Progress Report - Final Report

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In October 2014, the European Commission published a report which provides an overview of the information communicated by Member States on Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs). The report, compiled by Ecofys for the EC, consists of the Background Paper and the working version of the Progress Report.


The working version of the Progress Report gives an overview of the differences in progress between the Member States regarding the implementation of the NZEB requirements (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - EPBD article 9), showing a clear improvement, both quantitatively and qualitatively, of the information submitted to the EC in preparation of the Commission progress report of 28 June 2013.). The Progress Report shows that there are more practical applications of the NZEB definition implemented at national level, more intermediate targets are set and more policies and measures are in place, both for new NZEBs and for refurbishment to NZEB levels. The report also contains a detailed overview of the national definitions of NZEBs.



For further information or to download the working version of the Progress Report, please visit the relevant European Commission website: