QUALICHeCK final report | Towards improved quality of the works

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Documented examples of existing situations regarding quality of works




This report, written in the context of the IEE project QUALICHeCK, summarises critical situations on the construction site that are liable to put the careful execution, and thus the high quality of works, at risk. It gives an introduction into the importance of high quality constructions and their realisation on the building site in connection with the trend towards high performance buildings such as the Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings required by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


The report also presents a first collection of best practice solutions to avoid low quality realisations. These will build the basis for further work in the project. So far, the collection includes several guidelines for improving the quality of works, some training and certification schemes for installers and other workers that are partly driven by the industry involved and some control schemes realised by experts from third parties. The control schemes are mostly voluntary. If they are associated with financial schemes they often present a mandatory check for receiving the financial support.



To download the report, please visit the relevant QUALICHeCK webpage at the link below.