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Stimulating innovation with EPBD - What countries can learn from each other

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In the context of energy performance of buildings regulations, innovative systems/technologies are defined as: - systems/technologies that, in most cases, improve the building’s energy performance and, - whose performance cannot be assessed by the standard energy performance of buildings calculation procedure in a particular country. One of the objectives of IEE SAVE ASIEPI project was to create/increase awareness of the Member States regarding the potential problems to assess innovative systems (in legal and technical terms) and to give them suggestions about attractive approaches, primarily based on experiences in other Member States. In a first step, a "State-Of-The-Art analysis" of the current situation in the different Member States participating in the project was made. This has shown that Member States deal with innovations in the context of the EPBD in different ways. These different frameworks cannot be seen separately from other national procedures and systems. All of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Those have been identified and are discussed in this report, which also inlcudes some guidelines or key point of attention for Member States.