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Understanding the EED Directive. Steering through the maze guide #6

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Understanding the EED Directive. Steering through the maze guide #6


13 December 2013 eceee published a new guide in its "Steering through the maze" series. The new guide – Understanding the Energy Efficiency Directive – provides a simple summary of the Directive’s contents. The guide is complemented by a new FAQ section on the Directive on eceee’s web site.

The new eceee steering through the maze guide is the 6th in the series of guides on current energy efficiency hot topics.
Adding to a previous summary of the Directive, the new FAQ section helps the reader to quickly find answers on specific questions.

The Coalition for Energy Savings, where eceee is a member of the steering committee,  published a very detailed guidebook on how to implement the Energy Efficiency Directive earlier this year. eceee’s aim with the maze series is to provide a very simple guide for those who know very little about the topic.

“We hope our steering through the  maze guide can serve as kind of an ‘EED for beginners’, which could complement the Coalition guidebook,” said Nils Borg, Executive Director of eceee.

The new pages complement eceee's other thematic pages on energy efficiency policy. “We hope that this guide will help everyone who is interested in, but confused by, EU energy efficiency policy to more easily get access to this very complicated issue¨, Mr Borg said...

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