Building operation, monitoring, energy management

BUILD UP Webinar recordings | ICT solutions for Energy Positive Neighbourhoods

The IDEAS project ("Intelligent NeighbourhooD Energy Allocation & Supervision") has developed a complete Energy Management System enabling energy tradings and optimisation that supports the development and conception of Energy Positive Neighbourhoods (EPNs).


Discover how communities, public authorities & utility companies can be engaged in the development of energy positive neighbourhoods through:

BINE-Projektinfo: "Energy-plus concept tested on housing estate"

This four-page BINE information paper presents the results of the intensive monitoring and operational optimisation of the Ludmilla residential estate in Landshut, Germany, an energy-plus residential area, of 7,300 square meters, consisting of five single-family homes, two semi-detached houses, six terraced houses and eight apartment buildings with 55 apartments.


OPTIMUS e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework)

e-SCEAF (Smart City Energy Assessment Framework) Tool provides City Authorities with an effective framework for assessing the performance of a City in terms of energy optimisation, CO2 emissions reduction and energy cost minimisation. Using appropriate indicators, the progress of a city in that direction can be revealed by analysing and evaluating its ex-ante and ex-post status across three axes: ‘Political Field of Action’, ‘Energy and Environmental Profile’ and ‘Related Infrastructures and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

How do we make deep renovation happen?

In the context of the BUILD UPON project, the “How do we make deep renovation happen?” workshop, organised by the Sweden Green Building Council, will take place on 16-29 May 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshop focuses on how to get deep renovation to happen in multifamily buildings with rental apartments.


In the workshop, the following barriers will be analysed, as well as the ways to overcome them: