Building operation, monitoring, energy management

BUILD UP Webinar recordings | ICT solutions for Energy Positive Neighbourhoods

The IDEAS project ("Intelligent NeighbourhooD Energy Allocation & Supervision") has developed a complete Energy Management System enabling energy tradings and optimisation that supports the development and conception of Energy Positive Neighbourhoods (EPNs).


Discover how communities, public authorities & utility companies can be engaged in the development of energy positive neighbourhoods through:

The EU Building Stock Observatory, a comprehensive database of the building stock characteristics in EU28

Together with the EU Clean Energy for All package of initiatives and legislation, a major online data portal has been launched on the 30th of November, 2016. The EU Building Stock Observatory, managed by BPIE, provides a comprehensive snapshot of the building stock characteristics in EU28, and monitors the implementation of relevant EU Directives in Member States by presenting 250 indicators.


BAU 2017 - Architecture, Materials and Systems Trade Fair

BAU is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems in the construction industry. It is where future-oriented manufacturers come together with an audience of interested professionals. Their primary interests include the latest techniques, materials and applications that can be put to use in actual practice. This is where visitors experience the future of building in person.