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BINE info paper: "Energy-plus concept tested on housing estate"

This four-page BINE information paper presents the results of the intensive monitoring and operational optimisation of the Ludmilla residential estate in Landshut, Germany, an energy-plus residential area, of 7,300 square meters, consisting of five single-family homes, two semi-detached houses, six terraced houses and eight apartment buildings with 55 apartments.


IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter vol. 34, No.1/2016: Refrigerants

Refrigerants - the eternally hot topic! News and views in the recently released issue of the Heat Pump Centre Newsletter


The issue of refrigerants is always hot. This is a play on words, but in the world of heat pumping technologies it is, nevertheless, true. The threats to the ozone layer and our climate have given rise to international and national policy, which have led to innovation of new products and re-introduction of old ones. It is also reflected by the recurrence of Refrigerants as a topic for the Heat Pump Centre Newsletter.


New research identifies retrofits with biggest impact on cities’ carbon emissions

According to a new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), retrofitting a small portion of buildings would have big impact on the carbon emissions of cities.


The study, reported in the journal Interface, published by the Royal Society in the U.K., shows how to identify the buildings where retrofitting for energy efficiency will have the biggest impact on a city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.


e-nova 2016: Sustainable Technologies conference - Buildings, Energy, Environment

e-nova 2016: International Conference about Sustainable Technologies - Buildings, Energy, Environment


For more than twenty years the Department of Energy and Environmental Management in the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland located in Pinkafeld has been focusing its teaching and research activities on the field of sustainable technologies. This is reason enough for these core areas to be defined as the conference topics of the 20th international conference e-nova 2016.