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Come and work in the Energy Efficiency team at EASME!

Are you an experienced professional in the field of energy efficiency in areas such as consumer behaviour, buildings, heating and cooling, products, industry, public authorities, services, and energy efficiency financing? The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) is looking to recruit highly motivated staff to carry out activities related to research, innovation, or market uptake. The system will close on 02/03 at 23:45 CET.



dena Report on Buildings 2016

The dena Report on Buildings brings together important statistics and analyses concerning building energy efficiency in Germany that appeared in 2016 – for example, the energy data of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, KfW funding statistics, or data from the Federal Statistical Office. They are supplemented by dena’s own calculations and the crucial data is presented in a compact form.

Master RIDEF: conferenza online su occupazione da efficienza e rinnovabili

Lo scenario presentato dal gruppo di ricercatori dell'associazione francese NegaWatt conclude che con azioni e tecnologie rivolte alla sufficienza (utilizzare energia solo ove questa fornisce servizi significativi, scegliere modalità a bassa energia) ed efficienza (ridurre la quantità di energia richiesta a parità di risultato) è possibile ridurre del 50% i consumi della Francia entro il 2050. ​E coprire il restante 50% completamente con fonti rinnovabili.

Passive House in Different Climates

Passive House in Different Climates. The Path to Net Zero


This book introduces the seven Passive House principles, to help create super-insulated, airtight buildings that require minimal energy use to heat, cool, dehumidify, and ventilate, providing good levels of indoor air quality and year-round comfort. Seventeen case studies in four climate zones---marine, cold and very cold, mixed-dry and hot-dry, and mixed-humid and hot-humid---and in ten countries, show how to achieve net-zero energy regardless of the building’s location or type.