Airtightness of Buildings and Ductwork


Social housing could be the first sector to decarbonize

  Drastically lowering energy consumption in buildings – and indeed, developing nearly-zero energy buildings (nZEBs) and positive-energy (or ‘smart’) buildings that can interact with the grid – is a cornerstone of Europe’s climate and...

TightVent Europe newsletter issue #16 - May 2019

The June 2019 edition of the TightVent Europe newsletter aims to provide an overview of the platforms achievements, progress and latest news in the past months as well as planned activities for the upcoming period.   Specific contents...

AIVC March 2019 Newsletter

This issue of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre’s (AIVC) newsletter provides an overview of the centre’s latest achievements and initiatives i.e. information on past and future events, new publications, feedback on on-going AIVC...

TightVent Webinar | Ductwork airtightness measurements: protocols

Various studies have shown that ductwork leakage has a major impact on energy use (i.e. increased fan energy use, heating & cooling losses etc.). However, in most European countries, it is not common to perform ductwork airtightness...

Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears

This book draws on the author’s experience over almost three decades in hundreds of energy and resource-efficiency programmes for large multinationals, public institutions and small organizations around the world, illustrating why some...

Combined seismic and energy upgrading of existing buildings using advanced materials

Case studies on Reinforced Concrete Buildings in South Europe.

Of the current EU building stock, 80% was built before the 90's, while 40% are pre-60's and a considerable amount being even older and classified as cultural patrimony, thus requiring preservation techniques if we want to maintain this...

Low impact bio-based construction materials ready for the mass market

Construction industry stakeholders and policy makers gathered on 29 January in Brussels to discuss the potential of natural bio-based materials to help Europe meet its climate obligations.   The event was organised by the Horizon 2020...

11th International BUILDAIR Symposium - programme is published

High-quality airtightness measurement and minimal residual leakage.

Reports from professional associations, background information on ISO 9972 with its specific national annexes, and lectures on measurement in practice, on ventilation, sealing and bonding as well as on leakages in the building envelope,...