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Passiexpo 2018: The road to nZEB

Passiexpo is back:

- with the greek certified passive houses,
- with the 100+ greek certified  passive house designers ,
- with the first greek certified passive house technicians,
- with greek certified products for...

Οι διήμερες εκδηλώσεις της  PASSIEXPO για το Παθητικό Κτίριο θα περιλαμβάνουν : Τρία Εξειδικευμένα Εργαστήρια (ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 02/11/2018 4.00μμ το απόγευμα) Air tightness Masterclass Workshop: Για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα θα διεξαχθεί...

Making British energy grids smarter

Smart energy management systems wanted for a large housing provider in the UK; exploring solutions for future energy markets.   A large affordable housing provider in the UK is looking to become an energy service provider through...

Environmental footprint and circularity in the construction sector

Perspective Overview of BAMB H2020 Project: Environmental footprint and circularity in the construction sector.

While focusing in energy efficiency of buildings, Build UP portal acknowledge the relevance of an integrated approach to the overarching goal of reducing environmental footprint of buildings. The rational and efficient use...

Balancing preservation and energy efficiency in building retrofits

Energy conservation has become one of the primary goals of architecture and engineering design today, especially when retrofitting existing buildings. The desire to improve the energy efficiency of an existing building must be balanced...

The largest Public-Private Partnership for energy efficiency in South-East Europe is now operational

In April last year, the City of Ljubljana agreed a public-private partnership (PPP) with a consortium of GGE and Petrol for the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the municipality. The EUR 14.9 million project will deliver energy...

Connecting the Knowhow of Design, Production and Construction Professionals through Mixed Reality to Overcome Building’s Performance Gaps

Abstract At present European buildings typically consume two to five times more energy than predicted at the design stage. An important cause of this performance gap is the discrepancies between the design...

IAQVEC 2019: Updates

It is our pleasure to write to you and to present the conference IAQVEC 2019: Healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings. IAQVEC is a premier international conference series, held once every three years, and hosted in different...

Join the PROSPECT peer-to-peer learning programme

The PROSPECT learning programme enables peer-to-peer learning in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their sustainable energy and climate action plans. The programme builds upon successful financing schemes...