Micro-CHP in buildings


Warsaw - Powering the city through cogeneration

Energy specialists call the combined use of heat and power cogeneration. Warsaw’s cogeneration consists of using the heat that is produced during electricity production in power plants for heating buildings and water, instead of treating it as...

As a signatory to the ambitious Covenant of Mayors initiative, and as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Warsaw is addressing a number of issues including promoting energy-efficient vehicles and renewable energy...

New Europe-wide initiative to exploit the existing cogeneration potential: CODE2

IEE project will develop Cogeneration Roadmaps to stimulate the take-up of cogeneration in Europe.

Providing national policy-makers with a practical tool to realise their country’s identified cogeneration potential is the central aim of a...

The new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), repealing the Cogeneration Directive, provides a new legal tool for cogeneration by proposing national heating and cooling plans and other policy initiatives. The CODE2 experts will incorporate as...

Hollywood House, UK

The Hollywood House uses over 50% less energy than prior to the retrofit project, which has resulted in significant financial savings for the building’s tenants. The total cost of the refurbishment is estimated to be repaid in approximately 13...
 Initial situation:   The existing five-story building in Woking, England was constructed in the 1980´s and was not energy efficient with very high operational costs.  It is located in central Woking, which is a built-up...

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) certificates in the United Kingdom is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products by satisfying rigorous and tested standards. It was...

Cashback Calculator

This on-line tool from The Energy Saving Trust (United Kingdom) calculates financial savings for investment in wind turbines, hydroelectricity and micro combined heat and power systems.

Commercial micro-CHP field trial report

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland commissioned a field trial to assess the operation, performance and benefits of gas fired micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) in commercial situations. Thirteen sites (both existing and new buildings...

Déploiement en France de l’écogénérateur

This slide presentation shows the role of an energy supplier for the implementation of micro-CHP units on the French market.

Micro-cogénérations et Smart Grids, quelle synergie?

This slide presentation explains the links between micro-CHP and the smart grids approach in the French context.