Micro-CHP in buildings

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Successful small-scale cogeneration examples in Brussels Capital-Region

Together with Associated Partner COGEN Europe, a set of cogeneration projects has been implemented in the Brussels Capital-Region of which the results were shown to a group of interested MEPs this past December. Yves Lebbe, cogeneration...
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Yanmar micro CHP in home

Yanmar micro CHP is the perfect solution for small scale buildings and is available in 4, 5, 10 and 25 kWe.

Schloss Retzhof

Integrated Energy Contracting: ¨CR‐Light“ and Energy Supply Contracting for a Conference Centre + Guest House. Combination of energy efficiency and useful energy supply. European Energy Service Initiative/ Graz Energy Agency.
Schloss Retzhof is a hotel and conference center which had three different construction periods (16th c.,1960, 2009). The three buildings were supplied by a heating network; with a total heating area 4.000 m2.The initial situation:...

Trigeneration and Solar Cooling - Best practice Sheet - Austria (II)

In 2006 Energie Contracting Steyr bought a trigeneration system consisting of a micro gas CHP unit (100°kWel/155°kWth), a heat recovery boiler and an absorption chiller (cooling capacity 35°kW) from the OMV Cogeneration Company. OMV used this...

Welcome to the new Concerto website

Concerto is a European Commission initiative within the European Research Framework Programme (FP6 and FP7) which aims to demonstrate that the optimisation of the building sector of whole communities is more efficient and cheaper than...

Are you an investor, a local authority, a material supplier, a designer, an urban planner, a developer, an energy utility, a contractor, an engineer, a  tenant or a building owner?Are you interested in the use of multiple renewable energy...


For the 4th time, international and Romanian experts meet at the ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® in order to exchange know-how, present experiences from the practice and offer advice gained through research and development and ensuring this knowledge is...
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European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) Eligibility Check now online!

The EEEF Eligibility Check is now online. The Eligibility Check allows you to submit projects, and receive an immediate feedback about the alignment with the Fund's investment criteria. It also gives you the possibility to upload further documents,...
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CHP Goes Green

The project "CHP goes Green" promotes an increased use of renewable energy sources (RES) whilst bettering its efficiency by using combined heat and power solutions (CHP) . The advantage of the use of biomass in cogeneration is self-evident, as it...