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Technologies for efficient construction recycling and recovery: HISER project

Technologies for efficient recycling and recovery of valuable raw materials from complex construction and demolition waste (video)   The HISER consortium has prepared a video which presents the innovative technologies developed...

TRACIMAT recognised as a CDW management organisation

At end of August the Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Agriculture officially recognised Tracimat as Construction and Demolition Waste management organisation.   TRACIMAT, a non-profit construction and demolition waste (CDW) management...

EU construction activity: growth in all subsectors in beginning 2017

Good beginning of the year for the UE construction activity. The first quarter of 2017 marked by growth in all subsectors.   Comparing data for the first quarter of 2016 and 2017,  production in the EU construction sector grew by...

HISER project

Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste (HISER)   The main objective in the HISER project is to develop and demonstrate novel...

BIM for predemolition waste audit in practice

An accurate and swift identification of materials, quantities and building typologies before the demolition works is needed for an efficient waste management and recovery of raw materials from buildings. A BIM based tool developed in HISER is being...

Circular Economy – a global challenge for the construction industry

The conference is dedicated to all stakeholders interested in the area of the construction sector and circular economy. During the event, European experiences in the implementation of circular economy will be presented. The event will also be an...

Design of envelope modules in Northern European countries

Retrofitting to existing buildings for improved energy efficiency is technically possible but conditions vary in different regions in Europe. “Northern Europe” is spanning in north south direction equally long as the distance between Malmö and...

Electro-fragmentation for the selective crushing of steel fibers reinforced concrete waste: status update

The works previously carried out during the HISER project have showed that electro-fragmentation technology is effective for the selective liberation of the steel fibers in reinforced concrete waste. A test campaign has recently been performed on...

The EU construction industry in 2015 and 2016: promising growth prospects.

The EU construction industry returned to growth and it seems that this positive signal is not temporary. Increasing values of production in construction sector were already observed in 2015, but the next year was even better. The reason for...

What is the future of the Polish window and door industry?

How will the sector of windows and doors look in Poland in 2031? Based on foresight research prepared by ASM-Market Research and Analysis Centre, 4 different scenarios have been prepared for the Polish Windows and Doors Association....