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Compendium of ePANACEAs Testing and Demonstration Board (TDB) Meetings

As an update of the version released in February 2021, this document is a compendium of background information about ePANACEA’s methodology, the  composition and objectives of the various boards, as well as of the outcomes from the...

ePANACEA Advanced occupant behaviour patterns for the next generation of EPCs

Occupant behaviour is now widely recognised as one of the most important factors contributing to the uncertainty of building performance. The operating characteristics and the occupants’ use of space are closely related to the energy needs and...

ePANACEA Integrating occupant behaviour in the energy assessment of buildings

This ePANACEA report addresses the human factor in energy use in buildings.   Humans interact with building systems to maintain or achieve comfortable indoor conditions. Thereby, they influence the energy consumption of buildings....

ePANACEA EPC related policy framework in implementing countries

This report presents an overview of the current EPC policy and implementation frameworks in the implementing countries Austria (focus Styria), Belgium (focus Flanders), Germany, Greece, Finland and Spain, in relation to environment, recommendations...

ePANACEA The use of (cost-optimal) renovation business plans within EPC schemes

Financial constraints are the main reason why people do not renovate their buildings or choose less efficient solutions, hampering the long-term transition of EU’s building stock. The inclusion of a financial evaluation of energy efficiency measures...

ePANACEA Selecting the appropriate open-source simulation tool

For the development of the advanced dynamic simulation method for energy performance assessment in the ePANACEA project, the simulation tool should preferably fulfill the following prerequisites:   Be open source Free of charge Able...

ePANACEA Report on the use of (energy) data within EPC schemes

This document presents an inventory of data that can be used to supplement or replace the current energy performance certificate and explores the potential impact of the incorporation of this data. Various types of data are explored, ranging from...

ePANACEA How can national EPC schemes be linked with the Smart Readiness Indicator?

Buildings are dynamic environments that have an impact on the comfort and health of its occupants. Latest data-technologies are enabling further capabilities such as the interaction with the occupants or the surrounding built environment.   While...

iBRoad Report "Quantifying home renovation"

This iBRoad output provides a default database supporting a generic techno-economic assessment of renovation measures.   The default database consists of a list of possible renovation measures (building envelope and HVAC system) and their costs.  ...

The iBRoad field test experience

The iBRoad tools, consisting of the individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook, were field-tested in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal during the period March to May 2019.   Additionally, the iBRoad Logbook was field-tested in Germany. Prior to...