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Alfonso Ponce Alvarez

Manager, Manager at Deloitte & Board member at UNEP-SBCI (Private (large enterprise))

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Harmonization of sustainability metrics

There’s a rapidly growing appetite for rating methodologies that can be used to demonstrate the environmental performance of our activities, ranging from personal carbon footprinting tools to complex sustainability assessments and standards of...

Green Building Rating tools comparison tool


SB Alliance annual General Assembly to be held end of January


Six common indicators for Sustainable Buildings unveiled

The Sustainable Building Alliance is non-profit, non-partisan, international network of standard setting organizations, national building research centres and key property industry and construction sector stakeholders, that is intended to accelerate...

A common Carbon language for all

Just weeks ahead of COP15 in Copenhagen, this is a critical and timely step that will enable the world to realise the unparalleled, cost-effective carbon mitigation potential of buildings, which account for around 40% of the world's energy use and...

UK & France sign MOU to develop common single rating tool for environmental assessment certification