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Anda Ghiran

Research Associate, Johnson Controls - Institute for Building Efficiency (Private (large enterprise))

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Net Zero Energy Communities: The Next Step in Energy Efficiency


The Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency released the European results of the 6th Energy Efficiency Indicator survey


Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Policies and Actions, 2nd Edition

New in this edition is a building efficiency policy assessment tool that provides a simple framework to help decision-makers evaluate policy priorities through dialogue and input from key stakeholders.  This edition also includes new content on...

THE MOVE TOWARD NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS - Experiences and Lessons from Early Adopters


Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Quizzing the Stakeholders

Array Set to tackle the themes of financing energy efficiency and technology available to roll out energy efficient buildings, the event will culminate in the release of the results,in Washington and in Brussels, from the Energy Efficiency Indicator...

Energy Efficiency Innovator Awards of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Efficiency Forum