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EU Emissions Trading System: Council agreement paves way for negotiations with Parliament

On 28 March 2017, the environment ministers of the European Union reached an agreement in support of the revision of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) Directive for the period after 2020.     The agreement comes after...

IEA/IRENA report: Energy sector decarbonisation requires urgent global action

Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to well below 2°C would require an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Renewable Energy...

Financing energy renovation works through soft loans & 3rd-party investment

Although many cities and regions have engaged in an energy transition, financing sustainable energy measures remains a great challenge. Project investment costs are high and it seems difficult to cover them using the municipal budget and traditional...

IEA/IRENA: Perspectives for the Energy Transition - Investment Needs for a Low-Carbon Energy System

This report, elaborated by the   International  Energy  Agency  (IEA)  and  the  International  Renewable  Energy  Agency  (IRENA)  upon the request of the  German  government, aims to shed  light  on  the  essential elements  of  an  energy  sector...

RENOVATE EUROPE: Energy poverty – nobody should have to choose between heating and eating

On 16 March 2017, RENOVATE EUROPE released a briefing note on energy poverty in the European Union: its causes, impacts and possible solutions.  The briefing highlights the following:     Energy poverty is as widespread as it is...

hybridGEOTABS first newsletter (March 2017)

  hybridGEOTABS first newsletter contains a short introduction to the technology and objectives of this Horizon 2020 research project. It also gives a summary of progress as shared at the recent project meeting in Finland; in particular, the chosen...

Commission welcomes agreement on clearer energy efficiency labelling rules

On 21 March 2017, negotiators of the European Parliament and the Council agreed on a revised energy efficiency label and the relevant regulatory framework. The current A+++ to G labels for products will be replaced by a clear and easier to use A to...

Ten things you didn't know about European energy - Infographic

In February 2017, the European Commission released an infographic on clean energy, energy efficiency, clean technology, and energy innovation in the European Union, to help consumers become better acquainted with the facts and figures of energy...

Mediterranean energy transition: 2040 scenario

This document is the summary of the Mediterranean energy transition scenario findings, elaborated and developed within the framework of the cooperation between the Mediterranean association of the national agencies for energy conservation (MEDENER...

Home renovation service Oktave | Videos

The MLEI PDA project PSEE Alsace has produced a number of short videos on the integrated home renovation service Oktave, to help homeowners get acquainted with this service.    Oktave, a service initiated by the Grand Est Region and the French...