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The BRICKER consortium convened in Liège in late September for 3rd project meeting: Identifying technology combinations for buildings

Beyond the overview of work packages, the three-day gathering featured the project’s 3rd workshop, the content of which was put together by the newly established exploitation board (with ACCIONA, STEINBEIS and TECNALIA). One of the main aims at...

BRICKER project: students working on the project are awarded first prize for presentation at Researchers’ Night – Trento, Italy

As part of the European Researchers’ Night, an event was held and co-organised by BRICKER partner Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) . The event set the stage for a series of presentations by young scientists.One of the presentations was the work of...

Innovative retrofitting activities workshop co-hosted by Bricker project at SUSTAINABLE PLACES event in Italy mid September

The third edition of Sustainable Places will take place in Savona, Italy on 16-18 September. BRICKER will be co-hosting a workshop entitled Innovative retrofitting activities alongside fellow projects A2PBEER and RESSEEPE on the second day. The...

Power supply without extra fuel: exploring waste heat recovery from CHP systems in buildings in the BRICKER project

A technology recovering low-temperature waste heat and turning it into electricity is gaining momentum.Heat loss is one of the main challenges in power production—be it from both conventional and renewable sources. The trouble is that the wasted...

Ventilation through breathing windows: balanced heat recovery

Innovative solutions offer decentralised ventilation integrated into building featuresCentralised ventilation systems that exchange heat between the air inside and outside a building often come with a lot of silver-coloured pipes...

Students learn first-hand about energy efficiency at school: Energy renovation Bricker Project

An institute in Belgium is about to start retrofitting renovation works. Pupils and teachers have been involved with new courses, visits and an open-doors day. Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings is a formidable sustainability...

BRICKER Project’s first review – All on track despite challenges of energy retrofitting for public buildings

Mid-April saw the BRICKER project’s first review, a year and a half into the project. Members of the consortium convened in the Belgian capital and delivered presentations in the presence of the Project Officer and Project Technical Advisor.Since...

Solar technologies: How to make solar energy systems more widespread

Novel modular technology paves the way for a potential 50% decrease in monthly energy bills of public buildings.Retrofitting existing buildings with adequate cutting-edge technologies is thought to guarantee spectacular energy savings, by almost 50...

Solar beam collectors, key to enhancing solar power use in public buildings

A new technology to concentrate solar power provides a new, more efficient way of generating electricity New technologies could soon bring more effective ways of harvesting solar power. That is the case with small size concentrated solar power, or...

In-depth analysis required prior to retrofitting old buildings

Passive technologies can maximise primary energy reduction and economic investment in existing buildings. Innovative technologies can be used to retrofit old buildings as a means to save energy. This is precisely what the Bricker project is aiming...