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Solving the energy challenge in public buildings

A new project explores a new path to reduce energy consumption by combining the latest sustainable building technologies in public buildings.Carolina Grau, general director of industry and energy at the Agriculture, Rural...

Building makeover project – retrofitting to boost energy efficiency

The Bricker project aims at significantly boosting the energy efficiency of working buildings by combining passive and active technologiesThere is nothing like the real world to reveal a project’s true worth. This is why a project called BRICKER...

Retrofitting showcase on a Belgian high-school

A show case performed in Liege, Belgium, demonstrates how to turn a high school into an energy efficient and comfortable learning environment. Energy consumption in the non-residential sector, such as public and industrial buildings, is typically...

Turkish hospital retrofitting makes sustainable energy use case study

A hospital in Aydin, Turkey, will serve as a test case to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce its energy consumption by 50% and decrease greenhouse gas emissions with retrofitting solutions. Three public non-residential buildings will be...

Building teaching opportunities into energy efficiency renovations

A showcase project to reduce an old school building's energy consumption is a goldmine of teaching opportunities for engineering students The latest in energy efficient refurbishment is literally coming into the classroom for engineering students in...

BRICKER's first steering commitee meeting held in Liège, Belgium, on 25-26 March 2014

The first BRICKER steering committee meeting took place last month in Belgium where the BRICKER demonstration site of the University of Liège is located. The meeting was hosted by project partner Province of Liège who is the owner of the...

Revamping existing buildings to make them energy efficient

Energy efficient building companies join forces with researchers to cut the energy bill of existing buildings using both passive and active designs to reach energy efficiency.  Tackling energy loss from buildings is one of the key...

Energy efficient building in the public eye

Building showcase projects must guide public building to become more energy efficient. The heating and cooling of buildings take a large share in the energy consumption in Europe. The average energy consumption in the non-residential sector, such...

BRICKER project launches new website

Last week the BRICKER consortium launched designed to provide a platform for dissemination and exchange on retrofit solutions applied to non-residential public buildings. It will be of interest to the wider community dealing...