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Wood frame building solutions innovation on the rise

Blokiwood® reinvents the wood frame   With the new targets for reducing carbon emissions in construction and government measures to develop the sector, wood is on the rise. A Savoyard company decided to ´make waves´ in the wood...

Software solutions optimize energy networks paving way for sustainable buildings

DCBrain: the Waze of physical networks   With the energy transition, the management and optimization of "smart" physical networks has become an issue for energy suppliers. French start-up DCbrain developed a software solution to...

First North American Climate Summit: accepting responsibilities with world view

Barack Obama applauds US cities and states at the first North American Climate Summit   During the launch of the first-ever North American Climate Summit, former President Barack Obama endorsed America’s Pledge and the newly...

How to Use More of Solar Energy at Home without Compromising Aesthetics

An increasing number of people are becoming environmentally conscious, resulting in a record breaking growth of the solar energy production. The global solar output has more than trebled in last four years. Solar power generation enjoyed another...

Winner of 2017 Roger Léron Award announced!

The 3rd edition of the Roger Léron Award is over: the winner is known!   The 3rd edition of the Roger Léron Award has come to an end. The name of the winner, Ljubomir Majdandzic, was revealed on the evening of the...

Energy in the smart city: 5 leading operators integrate the innovations of InnoEnergy supported start-ups

"The start-ups we support are now selling their solutions!"This is the message that InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy in Europe, wants to convey. Its accelerator supports 180 energy start-ups across Europe, including 37 in...

Pushing Forward Living Places - Alliance HQE-GBC Congress

During 3 days, 11 conferences on the environmental, social and digital transition, the HQE awards ceremony and other events are the opportunity for building professionals to meet, exchange and share best practices.   TUESDAY December 12th - #...

Half of energy consumed in Central Finland is renewable

Local production of energy plays an important role. The energy production and consumption data in Central Finland shows that half of the energy consumed in the region is renewable. Altogether, renewable energy corresponds to 50% of total energy...

Solar capacity in developing nations more than doubled in 2016

According to the latest review from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), new solar capacity is growing at an unprecedented rate due to decreased costs and innovative applications that facilitate energy access for millions. BNEF has released a...

8th Sustainable Innovation Forum and ACLIMA alongside COP23

Interview with Davida Herzl, CEO and Co-Founder, Aclima   Among other comments, Davida Herzl talks about the main motivation behind sponsering the 8th Sustainable Innovation Forum which tool place in parallel to the COP23 on 13 and...