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Solutions firm CVC France Air joins the BIM objects platform BIM&CO

Through the offer "BIM & CO for Manufacturers", France Air and BIM&CO have collaborated closely to design and deliver high quality BIM objects for design and engineering departments around the world. BIM&CO technology has attracted the...

2nd Skin: a solution to “simplify and scale up” renovations

In Vlaardingen, Netherlands, a unique deep retrofit pilot project is taking place: the 2nd Skin project.   But what is 2nd Skin? Onno de Wal, Director of BIK bouw, answers that question. What is the principle behind 2nd Skin? Onno de Wal: The name...

Butterfly wings inspire scientists to boost performance of solar panels

Scientists have discovered that the way butterfly wings absorb sunlight could offer engineering insights on how to improve the efficiency of thin-film photovoltaic modules. Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have...

Norway’s wealth fund to divest from fossil fuels

Norway’s $1 trillion fund is to consider divesting from oil and gas stocks to protect Norway’s economy from oil price risk. The announcement came from Norway’s national bank, which wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance on Thursday, recommending...

Summary of the 8th Sustainable Innovation Forum at Bonn

The 8th Sustainable Innovation Forum brought climate leaders together in Bonn   On 13-14 November, Climate Action, in official partnership with UN Environment, held the 8th edition of the Sustainable Innovation Forum alongside the...

Ceremony of the Roger Léron Award – 2017

The FEDARENE is delighted to invite you to the Ceremony of the 3rd Edition of the Roger Léron Award which will take place on the 5th of December at the Bip-House of the Capital Region, in Brussels, at 6pm.   The Award was created in honor of Roger...

Powering Past Coal alliance launched at COP23

Canada and the UK launch new global alliance against coal during COP23   During climate talks in Bonn, Canada and the UK along with the Marshall Islands have launched the “Powering Past Coal” alliance inviting governmental entities...

EC initiative ManagEnergy takes on a new focus

MANAGENERGY, the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy agencies   ManagEnergy – Leaders in energy transition   ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy...

Green Solutions Awards 2017 Winners: solutions to limit global warming

Winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2017: their solutions to limit global warming   No more suspense! The international winners of the 2017 edition of the Green Solutions Awards have been revealed on November 15th in Bonn...

Bertrand Piccard: Efficient Solutions for climate action and innovation

Bertrand Piccard talks about the true power of innovation for climate action   The visionary innovator who flew 40,000 km in a solar-fuelled plane urged companies to pursue revolutionary ideas as the only way to truly achieve a...