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How to avoid Greenwashing as much as possible?

Today, the financial sector is making increasing use of more responsible economic and financial tools in favour of social and environmental issues. But how can we ensure that public and private actors do not use these new tools only as a marketing...

Energy storage in Europe increases by 49% in one year

New industry data has highlighted the strong growth in electrical storage in Europe over the past year. The European Energy Storage Association and consultants Delta-ee released the figures, which are pooled from the trade body’s member companies...

BTA initiative to help innovators to tackle European markets

To take on the challenge of delivering low carbon buildings all over Europe, stakeholders need comparable, pan-European data to support their efforts and target the right niches. Although many reports exist from one country to another, the...

Social Impact Bonds and Sustainable Bonds: new financial leverage?

Green or Sustainable Finance? According to the UN, nearly 70% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. As a result, spatial planning issues are closely linked to environmental, but also social and societal criteria that are...

Reduction European power generation under 1.5°C, 2°C and 3°C warming

Climate change will negatively affect power generation in European countries regardless of the level of global warming. This was concluded from an assessment of climate change impacts on wind, solar, hydro and thermoelectric power generation in 28...

The trees in our cities can store as much carbon as rainforests

The trees which line city streets are playing a much greater environmental role than we might expect. Researchers have found that urban forests have huge untapped potential to store carbon, equivalent to tropical rainforests. A new study from...

The General Journal of Europe launches a dossier on energy in partnership with FEDARENE

With this special dossier, the “General Journal of Europe” aims to promote regions, energy and environmental agencies, community associations and their members as well as all decision-makers. It wishes to highlight innovations, exchanges of...

How to take ESG criteria into account in real estate?

2018: a year of transition for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) applied to real estate? The integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into real estate investment strategies is evolving, as evidenced by the 11% increase in...

Watch the first ManagEnergy Talk with Rob Hopkins

As stakeholders of the sustainable energy field gathered in Brussels for the EU Sustainable Energy Week, they had the chance to end the second day of the Policy Conference on an inspirational note. For its first edition, the ManagEnergy Talk chose...

Huge change in energy investment needed to meet climate targets

Investment in clean energy must increase by up to 50 percent in some economies to limit global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is one of the findings from a new scientific study on the financial requirements of the Paris climate agreement...