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The Crown for a Better World goes to STARDUST

On the eve of November 21 in Brussels (Belgium), the European project STARDUST received the 2018 .eu Web Award for its website under the “Better World” Category.   The .eu Web Awards competition, which acknowledges...

Reveal your office-DNA to increase productivity and reduce environmental impacts

We are living in a globalised world that is characterised by a continuing trend of urbanisation. First time in history, more than half of the world population is living in urbanized areas and almost three quarters of the European population lived in...

STARDUST : smart with a heart

Along with the rest of the Smart City Community, in late September 2018, the STARDUST project attended the 4th Nordic Edge Expo & Conference in Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event where the Smart City community presents their latest...

Latest World Green Building Trends: Nearly Half of Survey Respondents Expect to Make 60% of their Projects Green in Next 3 Years

The findings from the preeminent study on green buildings have been released and the results are both surprising and encouraging. Forty-seven percent of those participating in the World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report expect to do the...

Greenox: Turkey’s first vertical forest

In the midst of Istanbul’s sprawling concrete jungle lies Turkey’s “first vertical forest.” With nine hundred trees climbing up its geometric façade, the 16-floor building towers over those around it, serving as an urban landmark for the growing...

What passive house inhabitants really think - neunerhaus Hagenmüllergasse

Daniela Unterholzer is CEO of "neunerhaus", an organisation which offers a home to homeless and handicapped people. Their newest building, the "neunerhaus" Hagenmüllergasse was constructed as a Passive House. Mrs. Unterholzer talks about their...

Piamonte, HQE certified social housing operation in Colombia

In the initial planning stages of Reserva de Madrid, a Low-Income Housing (LIH) Master Plan located in the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, we in Prodesa came upon a big task.    How to develop, on a very limited budget, the best possible green...

[Urban Chronicles #WellBeingAtWork] #06 - Building materials: a new source of well-being at work?

Today's building professionals are facing many new challenges: complying with new thermal regulations, being more environmentally friendly or lowering construction costs. As a result, building materials are constantly evolving, improving and...

Workshop “Aggregators as enablers of prosumers participation in the energy market”

Aggregation service providers are central players for the participation of small consumers in the energy market. On 6th November 2018, during the European Utility Week, the BestRES project will hold a workshop focused on the role of Energy...

No more excuses: Financing 1.5C

First published in Environmental Finance as part of a series covering EIT Climate-KIC’s Climate Innovation Summit 2018.  The financial sector must play a critical enabling role to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees. Investors need to quickly...