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Bright future for crowdfunding renewable energy projects in Europe

Crowdfunding renewable energy projects in Europe: a reality and bright perspectives   The CrowdFundRES partners talk about the state of play and potential of crowdfunding in Europe   The European PV solar energy conference EU...

Crowdfunding platforms: finding new projects and building investor base

How to find new projects and build an investor base as a newly launched crowdfunding platform   Newly launched crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy projects often face the challenge to find projects that are suitable for...

Crowdfunding boosts green power: video

King’s Lodge, in the English county of Wiltshire, has 96 solar panels producing around 20,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The school is one of 19 in the UK that joined a project which attracted 770-thousand-euros of crowdfunding   EU...

When crowdfunding is Sharia compliant

Starting at the bottom, creating a tangible project, sharing and limiting risk. This is what crowdfunding and Islamic finance is all about when they come together   Islamic finance abides by the Sharia law. It demands socially responsible...

Green energy and politics: crowdfunding to the rescue?

The pressure is on for countries to honour their climate change commitments. But, with one of the world´s heavyweights in economy´s president threatening to tear up the Paris agreement and another quitting the EU - the question is, where does this...

From teenager to pensioner: the green energy crowdfunders

Boosting the use of renewable energy has long been an ambition in Europe, but some efforts have powered down amid an ever-changing political landscape and dwindling finances. Now crowdfunding is pulling in a new generation of green investors...

Crossing borders to crowdfund renewables

Today energy crowdfunding platforms and investors experience many problems if they want to finance projects that cross the legal boundaries between the EU member states. International experts are striving to harmonise to European regulations in the...

Crowdfunding makes a renewable future possible for multiple groups

Crowdfunding a renewable future   Crowdfunding is a popular way for people to invest. In 2015, an estimated 4.2 B ‎€  was raised through crowdfunding platforms in Europe. And, increasingly it is being used to finance the growth of...

Energy crowdfunding: the new way to boost renewables

Millions of euros have been crowdfunded in four years to finance small and medium renewable energy projects. And there is still potential to be developed.     It's a brand new sector: the first steps date back to 2012....

Green investment: how energy crowdfunding works

Social, green, but primarily as an investment: all the features of energy crowdfunding   Platforms to raise funds for renewable projects want to take care of our planet and its inhabitants but often, they’re also looking for good...