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Webinar Series - From Waste to Resource by Houseful project

This webinar, hosted by Homebiogas, aims to explain how the production of biogas from organic waste benefits both society and the planet.   As a part of the Houseful project, the Consortium partner Homebiogas is hosting a webinar on...

INCREAS Final Conference - Innovation and Creative Solutions for Cultural Heritage

The great achievements of INCREAS Project, such as Expert Pool and Online Marketplaces, will be presented to a broad public at the final conference. The Marketplaces in particular have enormous potential as a turntable/hub for...

REPLACE Project Final Conference - Keeping the heat on in times of crisis

Half of Europe’s energy consumption is used for heating or cooling. However, in 2019, 58 % of the 105.7 million space heaters installed in EU-27 (that were > 61 million units) have been inefficient non-condensing oil and gas...

District Heating and Cooling grids, key to energy transition

The D2Grids project, Construction21, Fedene, Ademe, FNCCR and Euroheat & Power, are glad to invite you to the event dedicated to district heating and cooling grids! The event will be held on Wednesday...

Quantifier « l’intelligence » des bâtiments

How smart is smart? Découvrez les outils pour la détermination de l’intelligence des bâtiments et quelles mesures pourraient être prises pour rendre les bâtiments plus intelligents.   Des exemples...

Status of the development of smart grids in the EU

Current decarbonisation of the European economy is still too dependent on fossil fuel. The solution would be the electrification based on renewable energy production, meaning that electricity demand is expected to...

Energy crisis demands buildings to be renovated to align with net-zero targets

Since buildings account for 40% of the world´s greenhouse gas emissions, it is key to decarbonise them as we also have the technology available.   Currently, to align existing buildings...

Heating from Amazon´s building used to warm Irish houses

The Technological University Dublin has become one of the first building of a new district heating system linked to an Amazon warehouse. Indeed, the excess heat produced by the data centre has been recovered...

BIM and digital twins to improve energy performance of urban districts

To plan future buildings in a sustainable and efficient way, the construction industry should draw on full potential of digitalisation. This could be achieved by using Building Information...

Revamping of Europe´s building stock is supported by the construction industry

The recast of the EPBD back in December 2021 had the main aim to reduce energy consumption and reach the climate targets. However, this revamp is supported by the construction industry. In fact, industry...