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Energy reduction in public buildings: learning to lead from the front

Buildings in EU27 Member States represent up to 24 billion m2 of floor space, responsible for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions – both key contributors to climate change. In response, a number of European directives...

Retrofitting public buildings: where public procurement and innovation meet

Retrofitting public buildings: where public procurement and innovation have to shake hands   In recent years, the word “smart” has started rolling off the tongues and keyboards of policy makers in many areas of our global village...

Renovation factors in Turkey: green energy, earthquakes and economic development

Earthquakes, buildings and green energy: Turkey’s balancing act   While Turkey is well known as a hot and sunny holiday destination, it also faces low temperatures, which means it has both substantial heating and cooling needs for...

The BRICKER active system installation kicks-off in Liège!

Since September 2016, the renovation works at the Province of Liège School of Engineering have been progressing, and now as we move towards the New Year, a new phase has just begun. It involves installing a renewable heating system, the first of its...

BRICKER consortium heads to Liège demo site for a surprise visit

BRICKER partners were in for a surprise when they convened in Brussels recently for the project’s second review by EC officials.   The demo site team from Liège had secretly set their own agenda, seizing the opportunity to whisk the partners off...

Efficient exploitation of energy efficiency research: Bricker project

Carrying out research is all well and good, but what happens to the knowledge once the project has finished?    Many research projects have exploitation plans where they consider in advance how to use research findings, either to get a product...

The green light for green buildings: retrofitting Europe

Retrofitting public buildings is crucial to meeting Europe’s energy efficiency goals. But can new knowledge in retrofitting be replicated across the EU   The move to energy efficient buildings is on. Two European directives are gently nudging...

BRICKER demo site in Cáceres: energy-saving systems in occupied buildings

The challenges of integrating new energy-saving systems in occupied buildings   It can be extremely challenging to integrate technologies using renewables sources, such Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors (PTC), a biomass boiler, a...

Organic Rankine Cycle - Drawing the last drop of energy from heat

The challenges of exploiting lower temperatures and lower power are not only technological     Organic Rankine Cycle uses heat in water or exhaust gases to produce electricity. Often it uses waste heat. Most engineering...

When public buildings get smart

New technologies and tailor-made solutions for usersFrom thermally activated technologies to personalised microclimates, researchers look for new ways to save energy and increase comfort in public buildings Cooling and heating...