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Overall Lessons of the REELIH Project in Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Upon the request of Habitat for Humanity International, Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) has completed an in-depth research of energy efficiency renovation subsidy schemes in Central European countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia) ...

Residential energy efficiency subsidy schemes in Central and Eastern Europe

In line with the REELIH project, Habitat for Humanity worked with its long time partner Metropolitan Research Insitute (MRI) to conduct a study on Central and Eastern European countries having an experience with large scale renovations of multi-...

Warm Homes page for Bosnia homeowners is launched

Two dominant and closely related problems the world faces today are the lack of uncertainty in energy supply on the one hand, and environmental pollution and climate change as a result of excessive energy consumption on the other hand. One of the...

Conference on Energy Efficiency - Organized by Habitat for Humanity and USAID

Reducing Energy Poverty by Energy Efficiency Projects in Residential Buildings: The Case for Eastern Europe   A conference on residential energy efficiency in Eastern Europe organized by Habitat for Humanity International and...

Get warm homes: Expert Knowledge Platform REELIH project is Online

Energy poverty is one of the most pressing issues in Central and Eastern Europe. By addressing energy efficient retrofitting of multi-unit apartment buildings, the REELIH (residential energy efficiency for low income households) project is working...