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Updating 2050 roadmap for carbon-neutrality should become EU goal

EU to aim for 100% emission cuts in new ‘mid-century roadmap’   By Frédéric Simon Original source: EURACTIV     The European Commission is preparing an update of its low-carbon economy roadmap for 2050, acknowledging that the...

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

The congress will bring together over 400 global influencers and innovators to share knowledge, debate the challenges faced by our cities, encourage out of the box thinking and inspire a worldwide call for action in order to develop smarter and more...

RESTORE Training School

This training school will focus on Restorative Sustainability, Biophilia, and Sustainability Education, and will take place during a  four day period. The trainees will gain a deep understanding of Restorative Sustainability and the key topics from...

European Utility Week (EUW) 2017: Connecting the smart community

European Utility Week will take place in Amsterdam, from 3-5 October 2017. The event is a business, innovation, networking and information platform.   The focus is on regional and global devleopments in Grid optimisation, Renewables, Energy...

ACEEE accepting abstracts for 2018 Summer Study

ACEEE is now accepting abstracts for the 2018 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, "Making Efficiency Easy and Enticing" to be held at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California. The Summer Study will...

2018 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The 2018 ACEEE Summer Study is the 20th biennial ACEEE conference on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. A diverse group of professionals from around the world will gather at this preeminent meeting to discuss the technological basis...

Dante Alighieri Middle School: renovation of gymnasium in Pesaro, Italy

The “Dante Alighieri” school gymnasium sets an example of best practices in public building renovation through a well thought-out and careful design based on a sustainable bioclimatic study of the site and by applying a simple construction method on...

Energy positive sewage treatment plants: POWERSTEP project regional event

Energy positive sewage treatment plants - A sustainable solution for climate protection in municipalities   The municipal wastewater in Europe contains an available chemical energy of about 87,500 GWh per year. This...

OVERVIEW | Financing energy efficiency to tackle energy poverty in Western Balkans: a model shift?

By Isabelle Maurizi (PRACSIS)   With supportive policy measures in place, good practices in energy efficiency financing are flourishing in the European Union. Now, through initiatives such as the REELIH...

TOGETHER: Innobuildings Conference 2017

Psychology and climate change? Smart meters and marketing? The Innobuildings 2017 conference connects these topics for the first time, even though they may seem remotely related.   In 2016, seven Central European countries decided to launch the...