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Training on innovative financing schemes: INFINITE Solutions project

Although many cities and regions have engaged in an energy transition, fincancing sustainable energy measures remains a great challenge.  Project investment costs are high and it seems difficult to cover them using the municipal budget and...

PERFORMER project: Energy Monitoring Protocol (D5.1)

Monitoring protocol - a guide accompanying users of PERFORMER solution   The PERFORMER solution is a holistic approach to monitoring and subsequently improving the energy performance of existing buildings.  By collecting real-time...

Play sports in energy-efficient buildings: STEP-2-SPORT Final event coming up

Sport facilities can account for up to 10% of annual energy consumption of the building sector.   The STEP-2-SPORT project´s Final Event be held on 21 February in Brussels at the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union. The...

SEAF technology platform beta launch in Milan

SEAF technology platform beta launch at 3/8 Milan event.   Financial firm Joule Assets Europe sees a promising future in Italy as it sets to launch investment tool, representing €1.2 billion worth of potential investment, in the...

PERFORMER project - Deployment Experience Feedback: WP4 deliverable document (D4.3)

This deliverable document (D4.3) describes the work that has been done in relation to Task  4.3: the deployment experience feedback, and ties in with the results from Task 4.2 on the deployment and configuration of the PERFORMER hardware and...

First INDIGO Newsletter: December 2016

  New generation of intelligent efficient District Cooling systems   This newsletter gives a brief explanation of the project and the project´s recent activity:   From outcomes to impacts: The INDIGO value chain  ...

Electricity Map: Live CO2 emissions of the European electricity consumption

An open source project which visualises the emissions of electricity generation across Europe along with the potential for renewable energy.   The Electricity Map project has integrated live data feeds into an interactive map of Europe to show how...

MEnS project: Newsletter no. 3

This third newsletter from the MEnS project provides news and insights on the project´s activities and links to learn more about the training courses.   The MEnS project designs and implements high-level educational and training programs for...

CASE DI LUCE: Urban Regeneration and Low Carbon Architecture

Case di Luce is an example of sustainable urban regeneration in a densely urbanized area. The site, located in the town of Bisceglie Italy, was a former industrial site that was not in use. All old building structures were demolished and the area...

Call for feedback on existing schemes and actions in France for sustainable building

France: Lancement de la mission relative au financement de la rénovation des bâtiments   The Minister of Housing and Sustainable Housing entrusted Philippe Pelletier, President of the Sustainable Building Plan, with a mission to...