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NeZeR project: Action Plan for the City of Timisoara

In all the decisions that it makes, a municipality must be a motivator and an initiator of local energy regulations. To minimize CO2 emissions at the local level, the local authority may intervene essentially in two essential stages during the life...

Action Plan for the City of Amersfoort: NeZeR project

This City Action Plan describes the organization, implementation and execution of the process for Near Zero Energy Building renovations in Amersfoort. In the previous years, the targets were more on the level of Moderate and Deep Renovations. The...

Report on the successful business models for Nearly Zero-Energy Building Renovation

IEE NeZeR project promotes implementation and smart integration of Nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation (NZEBR) measures and deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the European renovation market. Successful business...

Action Plan for the City of Stockholm: NeZeR project

The City Action Plan for Stockholm describes briefly how the process of achieving NZEB renovation measures in existing buildings can be performed. This is a part of the EU-project NeZeR which aims to promote smart and integrated renovation measures...

NeZeR report on country-specific economic incentives that support NZEBR and RES deployment

Proposal of relevant fiscal incentives and other control instruments for supporting nearly zero-energy renovation   The IEE NeZeR project promotes the implementation and smart integration of Nearly Zero Energy...

Selection of Urban Living Labs in Alby and Peltosaari: SubUrbanLab project

This report describes the selection process of the above modernization and social upgrading actions for which Urban Living Labs will be developed and set up in Alby (Sweden) and Peltosaari (Finland). Across Europe, some 200 million people live in...

Boundary conditions for successful Urban Living Labs: SubUrbanLab Report 2.1

Urban Living Labs are development environments that integrate residents and other stakeholders to develop and test new solutions in their daily life. The users of the new services or solutions are active partners in the whole development process...

Intervention criteria and packaged solutions for buildings renovation towards a NZEBR

NeZeR-project has collected the best technical solutions, practices and real cases towards NZEBR for the selected residential building typology in the participating countries. This report presents the definition of an intervention criteria and...

Goda exempel på Nära noll energi-renovering (NZEBR)

NeZeR (2014-2017) främjar genomförande och smart integration av åtgärder för Nära Noll Energi-Renovering (NZEBR) och användande av förnybara energikällor (Renewable Energy Sources, RES) på den europeiska marknaden: Öka medvetenhet bland alla berörda...

Cazuri de succes pentru renovare NZEB

Proiectul NeZeR promovează implementarea şi integrarea inteligentă a criteriului "Clădire cu consum de energie aproape zero" (NZEB) şi a surselor regenerabile de energie (SRE) în cadrul măsurilor de renovare a clădirilor existente pe piaţa europeană...