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Ensuring IT Security for Energy Infrastructures

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Participants at this European Seminar will have the rare chance to participate in interactive sessions and to learn from leading European experts in the field of IT security for energy infrastructures:

•    José Antonio Hoyos Pérez, Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Unit, DG Energy, European Commission
•    Erik Nordgren, Vattenfall Services Nordic AB, Sweden
•    Hohan Rambi, Alliander (Distribution System Operator), the Netherlands
•    Markus Bartsch, Technical Inspection Association for Information Technology (TÜV), Germany
•    Maik G. Seewald, Cisco Connected Energy Networks

Topics among others will be:

•    Today’s IT security challenges for the energy industry in Europe
•    Cyber security concepts for smart grids and smart metering
•    Cyber security and SCADA systems in the digital age
•    An IP-Based Security Architecture for Power Systems
•    Comprehensive IT security strategy and risk assessment
•    With an intensive workshop “Managing the Loss of IT Systems”

Further information and the application form are available in the seminar programme:

Array European Seminar, 27th - 28th May 2013, Berlin
European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law
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Asya Ognyanova
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