Welcome speech by Ian Borg, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital projects, Malta @Photo: Jermain Brincat, 3BX Ltd

Discussing Finance - Financing Energy Efficiency in Malta and Italy

The Sustainable Energy Investment Forums are a series of workshops and seminars, organised under a contract managed by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME). On 22 November 2018 a ‘Financing Energy Efficiency in Malta and Italy...
By Prof. Dr. Simon Paul Borg, University of Malta
Title page of the CoNZEBs report 'Assessment and exemplary solutions for cost reduction in the design and construction process'

New CoNZEBs report: Assessment and solutions for cost reduction in the design and construction process

The CoNZEBs team has completed the activity on the identification of potential cost reductions in the design and construction processes. The scientific partners and the housing organisations assessed the cost related to the design and planning phase...

The Beehive (France)

Project type : New Construction   Building Type : Collective housing < 50m Number of Dwelling : 11 Dwelling Net Floor Area : 950 m2 Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season. Construction cost : 1 450 000 € The...
Low Carbon winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Media Library Wild South, Reunion overseas deparment, France

The media library of Saint-Joseph (Reunion) questions the identity of the contemporary architecture of Reunion, that of the Sud Sauvage more precisely. It refers to images, block of basalt, fagot of vetyver, geko, kalbanon but especially...
Energy & Hot Climates winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The financing of renovation in the social housing sector

If one wants to have a short look back at how the European policymakers have dealt with the topic of renovation of housing over the last few years, 2010 would probably be a turning point. That year, on the one hand, the Global Financial...
The renovation of social housing is the most obvious example of how environment and social justice considerations can be combined. Making renovation affordable for low-income social housing residents is the key question for social housing...

Energy sufficiency and rebound effects

The concept of energy sufficiency is gaining increasing attention as a potentially promising approach to mitigating climate change. However, there is no single agreed definition of energy sufficiency. Some authors consider energy...
This concept paper discusses how energy sufficiency and the rebound effect interact. Rebound effects can constrain the energy savings from energy efficiency improvements. The paper examines the nature of these effects, and ask the question...

House of Ile de France, Paris, France

Located in the Cité universitaire de Paris, the Maison de l'Ile de France is the first eco-campus in the capital. The project is exemplary and implements a high energy performance strategy to meet ZEN objectives (Zero Energy, Zero Carbon,...
Energy & Temperate Climates winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Aulario IndUVA, Valladolid, Spain

The construction of the Aulario for the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Valladolid presents an extraordinary casuistry from several points of view: it recovers a well-known space of the traditional culture of the...
Sustainable Construction Grand Prize winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Energy prices and costs in Europe

In January 2019 the European Commission published the third report on energy prices and costs in Europe. Published every two years, this most recent report finds that wholesale energy prices have fallen in recent years due to increasing...

The ExcEED database for buildings of the future features the demonstration case Casa Hoval

The ExcEED project (European Energy Efficient building district Database) is funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme and aims at collecting data coming from new, modern and energy efficient buildings (such as energy...