Energy efficiency and renewable energies together constitute a major change factor in the transition towards sustainable energy. In the recent International Energy Agency (IEA) scenarios these make up more than two-thirds of the required measures to reach the Paris Climate Agreement goals.  
Post date: 7 Mar 2017
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  EU Green Week 2017 will take place from 29 May to 2 June 2017 with the theme 'Green jobs for a greener future'. Organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment, this key event in the environment policy calendar attracts policymakers, leading environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and the globe.  
Post date: 2 Mar 2017
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Voditi raspravu, organizirati štand ili predstaviti svoj projekt na tjedan održive energije EC 2017 selo građevina. Vrhunac je show iskre, igra u stilu питчинг pred grupom novinara.     Tjedna održive energije EC 2017 održat će se u Bruxellesu od 19. do 25. lipnja 2017. godine, od dana energije, koje su organizirane tijekom mjeseca lipnja u cijeloj Europi. Ove godine tema je - neto energija za sve europljane.  
Post date: 1 Mar 2017
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EU energy policy represents both opportunities and threats to industry. Therefore, the European Copper Institute organises a training programme that aims to provide a high level, yet detailed overview of this fastly evolving subject area, to enable European business leaders to take energy policy developments into account for their business strategy. The primary target for this program is executive managers in industry. However, it could serve as well to others interested to broaden their knowledge in this field.
Post date: 3 Feb 2017
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30. siječnja 2017. godine, pokrenut je natječaj ove godine EU održivog tjedne sjednice konferencije o energetskoj, kao i prijem zahtjeva za EU održive energije Nagrade. Rok za oba poziva je 3 ožujka 2017 godine.  
Post date: 30 Jan 2017
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21. siječnja 2017. godine, u gradu Essen u Njemačkoj službeno postaje zelene prijestolnice Europe u 2017. Službena zelena prijestolnica Europe primopredaji, Karmenu Vella, povjerenik za pitanja okoliša, pomorstva i ribarstva, o njemu na 2017 godine iz Ljubljane u Essen.  
Post date: 20 Jan 2017
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  Europski tjedan održive energije 2017 (2017 tjedna održive energije EC), održat će se od 19. do 25  lipnja 2017. godine, od dana energije organizira tijekom mjeseca lipnja u cijeloj Europi.   Pokrenut 2006. godine, na inicijativu Europskog tjedna održive energije EC-mjesec-dugo godišnjem nizu aktivnosti diljem Europe, pridonoseći siguran, čist i učinkovit energije, i povezujući političkih tijela, dionika i građana za postizanje ciljeva klime i energije za energetske Unije.  
Post date: 13 Jan 2017
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This guidebook, released within the framework of the Data4Action project is intended for public authorities, energy planning facilitators and energy data providers and aims to facilitate access to key energy data in regions, and inform sustainable energy policies, plans and strategies. More specifically, the guide can help to:  
Post date: 10 Jan 2017
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PROHITECH´17, the 3rd International Conference on Protection of Historical Constructions, will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 12 to 15 July 2017.  
Post date: 3 Jan 2017
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From the use of Gore-Tex-like waterproof fabrics to the development of “breathable” bio-based materials, the construction industry is chasing breakthrough solutions to insulate buildings and keep living areas free from damp and mould.  
Post date: 29 Dec 2016
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