EECITIES: energy analysis platform for urban environment/energy efficient cities

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Main Dashboard of EECITIES

EECITIES is an energy analysis platform that supports planners, energy consultants, and policy makers in making informed decisions on how to improve the energy efficiency of urban areas as well as how to reach carbon emission reduction targets in buildings, cities and regions.  

The services are based on the integration of dispersed energy-related data from multiple sources, including geographic information, cadastre, economic indicators and consumption. The integrated data is analysed using assessment and simulation tools which are specifically adapted to the needs of each case. 

Support is available for the necessary training to analyse and explore an accurate urban energy model of your neighbourhood, town, city or region. Alternatively, studies can be carried out by our experts according to the criteria you specify.


The EECITIES services include:

  • assessment of current energy performance of buildings in towns and cities;
  • identification of priority areas and buildings for energy efficiency interventions;
  • evaluation of impact for proposed new buildings on an urban level;
  • evaluation of impact for refurbishment of buildings on an urban level;
  • evaluation of impact of local policies and interventions according to the rules of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP);
  • generation of missing data to enable classification of buildings according to their energy performance