Web optimizer app to reduce household energy consumption: Catalan technology

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A mobile app to promote household energy savings

Controla Energia

ControlaEnergia is an application that allows users to register their gas and electricity consumption and receive personalized energy advice, comparison with previous months and years as well as comparison with similar users and personalized energy saving tips.


Developed by CIMNE and FORUM, ControlaEnergia is an innovative web optimizar application which is mainly used for cell phones but can also be used with any internet connection on tablets, laptops or desktops. This app aims at improving the user behavior awareness by means of providing useful information. It allows tenants to better understand and more efficiently manage energy use in their home. It provides informative services such as historical feedback on household consumption, comparison with other neighbors as well as custom tailored advice available directly on their smart phone or computer by means of a user-friendly interface.

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