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The disruptive character of digital technologies and startups has been acknowledged by the banks themselves, but the effects of renewable energy crowdfunding on traditional banking do more than pose a threat    Crowdfunding is considered by some experts to have the same effect on banks as Uber has on taxis. Green energy crowdfunding is no exception: the process is 100% digital and lets everybody become an investor or request funding for a sustainable project, without going through the banks.  
Post date: 18 Gen 2018
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The European Commission stresses the importance of a major “energy democracy” to boost renewables. A process that could also pave the way for alternative finance such as crowdfunding.  
Post date: 12 Dic 2017
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Researchers have measured the effectiveness of crowdfunding for renewable energy projects in terms of human and environmental wellbeing   There is growing interest in crowdfunding as an alternative way to support projects focused on renewables. This comes at a time when the green energy sector is feeling the purse strings tighten in many European countries.  
Post date: 6 Dic 2017
Type: News

Crowdfunding renewable energy projects in Europe: a reality and bright perspectives   The CrowdFundRES partners talk about the state of play and potential of crowdfunding in Europe   The European PV solar energy conference EU PVSEC took place at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam gathering a great number of relevant actors involved in the Solar sector to explore the current trends in solar technology and market deployment.  
Post date: 31 Ott 2017
Type: News

How to find new projects and build an investor base as a newly launched crowdfunding platform   Newly launched crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy projects often face the challenge to find projects that are suitable for their platform. A clear identification of the platform’s clients is crucial, be it renewable energy project developers, SMEs or project contractors.  
Post date: 5 Ott 2017
Type: News

King’s Lodge, in the English county of Wiltshire, has 96 solar panels producing around 20,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The school is one of 19 in the UK that joined a project which attracted 770-thousand-euros of crowdfunding   EU Green Week is urging us to think about the environment, as governments face pressure to boost renewable energy sources.  
Post date: 8 Giu 2017
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Starting at the bottom, creating a tangible project, sharing and limiting risk. This is what crowdfunding and Islamic finance is all about when they come together  
Post date: 26 Mag 2017
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The pressure is on for countries to honour their climate change commitments. But, with one of the world´s heavyweights in economy´s president threatening to tear up the Paris agreement and another quitting the EU - the question is, where does this leave the green energy sector? Step in crowdfunding, which aims to capitalise.  
Post date: 25 Mag 2017
Type: News

Boosting the use of renewable energy has long been an ambition in Europe, but some efforts have powered down amid an ever-changing political landscape and dwindling finances. Now crowdfunding is pulling in a new generation of green investors   “I have always been interested in the environment. As a child, I thought ‘what if the world runs out of petrol? Petrol won’t be there forever.’” Librarian Erwin van Delden, 56, from Haarlem in The Netherlands, wanted to put his money where his heart is, in green energy.  
Post date: 7 Mar 2017
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Today energy crowdfunding platforms and investors experience many problems if they want to finance projects that cross the legal boundaries between the EU member states. International experts are striving to harmonise to European regulations in the sector  
Post date: 29 Dic 2016
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