Financing Schemes

This workshop, organised in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) CERtuS (Cost Efficient Options and Financing Mechanisms for nearly Zero Energy Renovation of existing Buildings Stock) project, will bring together all the municipalities to discuss real case studies of public building renovations using innovative financing.
Post date: 14 Nov 2016
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The UK government has announced that ₤320 million will be invested over the next 5 years in schemes to support (local) district heat networks in cities. Heat networks are already used widely across Scandinavian cities to ensure space heating and hot water in buildings. The heat can be generated from various sources including large heat pumps, combined heat and power plants and deep geothermal plants but also from waste heat of factories and offices. The government sees a potential to reduce the heating costs by more than 30% for some households.  
Post date: 5 Ago 2016
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Santander energy efficiency framework loan (PF4EE) - Spain   The project targets the financing of energy efficiency and small renewable energy investments in existing hotels and, to a lesser extent, in other buildings for tourist accommodation, located in Spain. The investments involve a variety of measures such as improvements to the building envelope, heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient lighting, energy-management systems, solar heaters, etc.  
Post date: 9 Dic 2015
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This study was prepared in the framework of the INFINITE Solutions project (INnovative FINancIng for Local SusTainable Energy Solutions) led by Energy Cities and supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. 
Post date: 16 Set 2015
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The BUILD UP Financing Schemes section aims to inform eligible beneficiaries, on new and existing funding opportunities in the field of buildings’ energy efficiency. Information relevant to anyone from public authorities to private business, and from professionals to building owners or tenants, is made available on an ongoing basis.  
Post date: 12 Giu 2015
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Program Operacyjny Infrastruktura i Środowisko, POIiŚ   The Polish Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme (POIiŚ) for 2014-2020 is a national programme for the support of low-carbon economy, environmental protection, combat and adaptation to climate change, transport and energy security. It is the largest operational programme in Poland for the period 2014-2020.  
Post date: 15 Mag 2015
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Inwestycje energooszczędne w MŚP   Until the end of 2015 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the funding of projects to improve energy efficiency in the company.   Funding is offered in the form of grants for partial repayment of bank loans channeled through the bank on the basis of the cooperation agreement concluded with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW).  
Post date: 12 Mag 2015
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Equitix Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) - UK   The Equitix Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) invests in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom that focus on:   demand-side energy efficiency; renewable heat;   Combined heat and power (CHP) projects.  The individual schemes to be financed are likely to be small and are expected to not be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Directive 2011/92/EU).  
Post date: 20 Apr 2015
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This report is the first to examine in detail how well the Irish supply chain is positioned to capture new business as a result of the anticipated investment in the sustainable energy related products and services needed to meet Ireland’s renewable energy and energy efficiency targets for 2020.A chapter is dedicated to energy efficiency in the construction sector, demonstrating the total value of energy savings from technologies deployed in some cases. Some sections are also dedicated to innovating financing means in this sector and building a skilled work force.
Post date: 21 Ago 2014
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The Scheme allows eligible organisations to apply for an interest free loan to finance up to 50% of the costs of energy saving projects.   The repayment of the loan will be will be a minimum of 4 years up to a maximum of 8 years, dependent on the project payback. The loans must be paid back to Salix by direct debit every March and September over the confirmed period.    Project criteria are up to an 8 year payback at a cost of £200 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project. 
Post date: 25 Mar 2014
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