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Post date: 11 Apr 2019
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There is an intrinsic understanding that 'good architecture' defines the long-term functionality and resilience of buildings and that it has a strong bearing on building performance. However, it is not considered ‘measurable’ and it rarely features as a quantifiable value driver in investment cycles and legislation. This survey aims at investigating how the value of architectural solutions for better building performance is being taught in European Universities to architectural students.  
Post date: 27 Mar 2019
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Post date: 6 Nov 2018
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The EU-funded, Horizon 2020 project STUNNING, which promotes knowledge exchange and interaction in the field of energy-efficient building renovation, is conducting a survey on barriers for energy refurbishments to seek out answers and recommendations for the stagnant renovation rate in Europe. Based on the survey’s evaluation, STUNNING will provide insights on the processes that need to take place for the alleviation of the most common obstacles and market failures.
Post date: 5 Ott 2018
Type: News

Smart grids are intelligent power grids, encompassing all players of the energy system via a communication network. As power supply systems, they coordinate bidirectional communication between producer, consumer, energy storage and the power grid in real time. In the future, the electricity infrastructure will need intelligent development and an expansion of information and communication techniques. The promotion of renewable energy requires the sharing of more information because electricity is not only generated in high voltages anymore.
Post date: 30 Ago 2018
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  The CoNZEBs team is asking for your opinion, based on your personal experiences, conversations with friends and neighbours, media or technical literature. Do you have any questions and open dilemmas regarding living in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings? The questionnaire below will take -10 minutes  and your opinion will be very helpful for developing a CONZEBs information platform for future users of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. The deadline for your contribution is 30 April 2018.   Thank you for your cooperation.  
Post date: 26 Mar 2018
Type: News

Da gennaio, il portale BUILD UP è accessibile in sette lingue per favorire lo scambio di informazioni tra pari in tutta Europa.   Sebbene la traduzione sia generata automaticamente, saremmo interessati a sapere se questa funzione ti aiuta a trovare contenuti pertinenti in italiano.   Il sondaggio è composto da 7 brevi domande e non dura più di 5 minuti.   Accedi al sondaggio qui:   Grazie per l'aiuto!
Post date: 18 Mag 2017
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This is the second annual DEXMA Energy Efficiency Survey, whose main aim is for your understanding of energy innovation challenges and exploring new opportunities to help make your work as energy managers easier and simpler.   Three reasons for participating:
Post date: 11 Gen 2017
Type: News

Past analyses by both BPIE and the Joint Research Centre concluded that there is room for improvement when drafting the next iterations of the renovation strategies. This study strengthens those findings by pointing to important shortcomings in the strategy development and implementation processes.  
Post date: 12 Set 2016
Type: Publication

On 6 September 2016, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) launched an online survey to learn about how stakeholders perceive the SME Instrument brand.  
Post date: 8 Set 2016
Type: News