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Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator now available online!

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Posting Date | 17 May 2012
Countries | United Kingdom
Type of News | News from countries
Author(s) (organisation) | UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
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A new low carbon funding landscape navigator went live April 26, 2012, in the UK. This navigator will help providers of and applicants for low carbon funding link up much more easily.
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This navigator has been developed by the Energy Generation & Supply Knowledge Transfer Network with support from DECC.
Users can search for the latest funding opportunities in the low carbon area and get help in finding the right partners to build collaborations for specific calls. Both public or private funders can add and manage their own funding opportunities.
The navigator is a resource for the entire low carbon energy RD&D community, increasing transparency and knowledge sharing throughout the sector. It will be particularly valuable to smaller technology companies who struggle to keep up to speed with the myriad of support mechanisms in the UK. By placing this information at the users’ fingertips the navigator will reduce time wasted and opportunities missed.

For more information on the Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator website, please click here.


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