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Moisture and breathability – the key to building performance and healthy buildings A joint event with The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and supported by STBA, SPAB and ISIBIO.   Buildings should be considered not as standalone discrete entities, but as part of a system in constant and dynamic interaction with people and the environment. This interconnectedness means benefits, problems, solutions and consequences cannot be effectively addressed in isolation.  
Post date: 24 okt 2017
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Dämmstoffe sind aus dem Baualltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Ihre Einsatzgebiete reichen von der Fassadendämmung bis zu Spezialanwendungen in der Versorgungstechnik. Nichts desto trotz wird gegenüber Dämmmaßnahmen vermehrt öffentliche Kritik laut, die den Anschein hat, dass sie sich hauptsächlich auf Fassadendämmung mit Wärmedämmverbundsystemen auf Polystyrolbasis konzentriert. Die vorliegende Analyse setzt sich deshalb aus Sicht der Bauforschung mit dieser Kritik auseinander. Sie betrachtet diejenigen Themen, die immer wieder diskutiert werden: Sind Dämmmaßnahmen wirtschaftlich?
Post date: 20 okt 2017
Type: Publication

Multifunctional facades of reduced thickness for fast and cost-effective retrofitting     MF-Retrofit project aimed to deal with the numerous requirements of facade panel retrofitting by developing a light-weight, durable, cost effective and high performance panel. Its layered structure allows for separate but also synergistic function regarding high thermal and acoustic insulation, excellent mechanical properties, up to standards flame retardancy and photocatalytic activity.  
Post date: 8 sep 2017
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Inteligentni elementi za održivi omotnice     Projekt SESBE, izvor financiranja u okviru sedmog okvirnog programa za istraživanje i tehnološki razvoj Europske Unije (7РП), koji ima za cilj pružiti nova rješenja za jednostavan, ekonomičan i siguran elementi fasade.  
Post date: 25 aug 2017
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Ključne kuća izolacijskog materijala   Napredni Аэрогель na osnovi kompozitnih (ААБК) materijali jedinstveni nove klase materijala. HOMESKIN, projekt "Horizont 2020", usmjeren na razvoj novih silika napredne Аэрогель na osnovi kompozitnih materijala, koja ima nisku toplinsku vodljivost od svih утеплителей na tržištu.  
Post date: 14 aug 2017
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Home Energy Rating System (HERS) raters are trained to assess the quality of insulation installation, using a three-grade approach developed by RESNET. Grade I is the best, while Grade III the worst. Understanding between the different grades of the quality of the installation of the insulation is necessary to properly rate the quality of the installation of insulation.  
Post date: 30 jun 2017
Type: Evenement

A radical approach to using natural construction materials at scale     The ISOBIO project proposes an innovative strategy to bring bio-based construction materials into the mainstream.   A key innovation consists of the use of pre-treated bio-based aggregates for construction, which include insulation materials, hygrothermal and moisture buffering materials, binders, sol-gel and resins.     Objectives  
Post date: 28 jun 2017
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The EU funded BRIMEE project (Cost-effective and sustainable Bio-Renewable Indoor Materials with high potential for customisation and creative design in Energy Efficient buildings) aims at the development of better performing insulation materials for improving building energy performances and having a significant reduction of building operational energy, in combination with the capability not to emit harmful substances and to act as an absorber for indoor pollutants.  
Post date: 22 jun 2017
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We spend up to 90% of our lives indoors. Yet the air quality inside buildings has been shown to be 2 to 5 times poorer than outdoors. This can also true for modern energy efficient buildings due to increased insulation levels and greater air tightness.  
Post date: 12 mei 2017
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Concept and objectives:   “Development of innovative lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient components and associated enabling materials for cost-effective retrofitting and new construction of curtain wall facades.”  
Post date: 21 apr 2017
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