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The LBNL Windows and Daylighting Group has extensive experience with highly insulating windows that use gas fills and multiple layers of glazing materials.An outgrowth of this research is the development of an opaque thermal insulation technology known as Gas-Filled Panels. Gas-Filled Panels, or GFPs, use thin polymer films and low-conductivity gas to create a device with extraordinary thermal insulation properties.
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Thermal insulation is one of the key aspects for achieving energy efficient buildings. Given the need for an increased thermal resistance, superinsulating materials are receiving a lot of interest.
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There are two ways of obtaining improved thermal insulation:
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Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) were already developed some time ago for use in appliances such as refrigerators and deep-freezers. Their insulation performance is a factor of five to eight times better than that of conventional insulation. Used in buildings they enable thin, highly insulating constructions to be realized for walls, roofs and floors.
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